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  • Your favorite "build-up" sites

    I thought it might be cool if people posted sites they liked with cool tech articles ,how to's,and/or build-up's. Ya know Like car stuff ........frame mods ,chop tops , suspension stuff to do with welding and fabrication. I'll start This one is taditional hot rod styled VW , heavily modified in every way and some cool hot to chop a top articles.

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    I like lots of 4 cyl ford parts which is what we used to race. Our engine was a real custom build.

    2000cc pinto engine
    Headsup head with Strauss valve springs, custom valves by manley
    Lightened crank from 26lbs to 8.8lbs knife edged and shot peened
    5.7 chevy Carillo rods
    Wiseco pistons 15.5:1 ratio
    Willeys 2bbl carb 700+cfm
    Hambergers oilpan
    Melling pump
    Cam mfg secret but it would pull till 10,000 rpm
    Unilite dualpoint dist.

    All this and it made around 280 crank HP
    This isn't a bolt together, it was a machinists folly, but it ran WOW!!!