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  • More reasons to buy a 200DX

    Ok, maybe not. I just thought this was an interesting health note. I have no idea whether this kind of electrical input could be generated with a 200 DX, or whether it would be a good thing if it was. Just seems most of the health news around welding isn't too cheery:

    "A man named Professor Walter Schnitder drew Dr Robert C. Beck's attention to the above mentioned item in Science News. Beck looked up the patent and decided to try and duplicate the therapy, but he wanted to do it non-invasively; that is by applying the electric current from outside the body. Now if you apply a direct current (DC) potential to the skin, you're going to get an electrolysis effect and that can cause problems, so Beck designed a circuit that varied the voltage with an alternating current (AC) at a very low frequency and avoided the electrolysis problem. The waveform that Beck chose is not the typical sine wave seen in AC household outlets, but rather is a bi-phasic square wave. Square waves generate a large number of harmonics. Harmonics are frequency multibles of the original frequency. For example, a 4 Hertz (hz) square wave can produce harmonics (with the right equipment) of 8 hz, 16 hz, 32 hz, etc. right up into the radio frequency range. Beck finally settled on 3.92 hz as the ideal base frequency and assembled a schematic of the simple square wave oscillator , including a complete parts list. He used short, one inch lengths of stainless steel welding rods with attached wires for electrodes and started to experiment on himself.

    Gradually, he began feeling stronger, had more energy and started losing his excessive weight (he was over 300 lbs at the time). After a 7 or 8months, his weight was down to 150 lbs and he felt better than ever. He went on the lecture circuit, talked for free, and gave the schematic and related construction/protocol information away without charge. AIDS patients, particularly, experienced dramatic reversals of their deteriorating conditons using the blood electrifier, but the unit seemed to help many other conditions as well, whether autoimmune, viral, or bacterial in origin. "

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    When I was a production TIG weldor in an aircraft plant, we were in booths supporting 2 to 4 fitters. Occasionally there would be a wise guy who like to sneak up behind me and pull the hot welding rod through my fingers or pull up my hood while I was welding....well, I got him back real good...while he was bent over the jig, I zapped him with high freq from the welding torch...he had an awful funny expression on his face, when he finally came down.... he got mad when I couldn't stop laughing...
    Arcin' and Sparkin', Rocky D

    "Experience is the name we give our mistakes"