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  • MM250 Questions

    I have read some older posts that the MM250 mig welder is not one of the most desirable machines. What is it that is wrong with this welder and can the welder be tweeked or adjusted to give consistantly good results?

    Miller Dialarc HF

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    The early MM250s were the first of the solid state units we made after killing the MM200. The arc was not as soft and the old style 200 but the weld penetration and quality was fine but the arc was harsher and crisper. The new MM251s are a bunch better, both with starts and arc smoothness.

    While it is not my first choice for a mig machine, I wouldn't throw it out if someone gave me one



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      I had one back in 91 92 or 93, I didn't like the bead it made, the bead was tall and narrow and nothing could be done to flatten it out, Miller was great about it and took it back.


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        Still popular machines, everything was easy to fix. The only tweak I can think of is a jumper to speed up the feed system to aviod the high ropey weld.


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          OK, now you guys got me thinking.
          I purchased a MM250 brand new but since I worked for a welding shop I didn't use it much. I have since started using it more. I was fine until I started reading about all its shortcomings.

          If you had one, would you sell it and use the money towards a new MM251
          or would you keep it for large work and aluminum spool gun work and get a new MM210 for steel?

          Does the problems with the 250 show up while using the 30A spool gun?

          I noticed the poor starting but I just chalked it up to dirty wire, bad ground, dirty steel, etc.

          As far as the jumper mentioned to speed up the feed system, how does that work? Will it solve the arc starting problems?


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            Hi guys, My dad had 5 of those MM250's in his shop that ran everyday. I didn't know there was a problem with them <G>. I went to work in a sheetmetal shop and they had a pile of them also. The only problem we had was fighting over who had to use the RED one in the corner...Bob
            Bob Wright


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              I just got one cheap. I paid 500 for it. It also has the spool gun hook up on it, and is in nice shape cosmetically.I agree that the bead is high and ropey also the starts arent that great either. Cruizer can you go into more detail about the mod for this machine? I got it today and time was short. There is a spool of .035 in it and I only ran 3 or 4 beads on some scrap 5/16 plate. I have a busy weekend so hopefully Mon. I will be able to play some more. In the mean time I will be searching the forums on any info I can find.