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Sync 250 DX vs Dynasty 200 DX

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  • Sync 250 DX vs Dynasty 200 DX

    If you had $2500 and had to buy a Miller TIG machine tomorrow which would you buy?

    I am leaning towards the Dynasty because of what I am hearing about being able to weld aluminum with a somewhat pointed tungsten. Other than that I think its a coin toss. Here are my thoughts, feel free to share yours and help me make this decision. Otherwise its heads or tails and we'll see what I bring home

    1. I dont care about portability, my machine stays in the corner of the shop next to my bench
    2. I weld mild and 304/321 8ga pipe / 16ga tube on a daily basis, while welding aluminum (5052 .125 plate or 16ga 6061 tube) on maybe a once a week basis. So while the inverter technology concerning aluminum is really interesting to me, I will admit this machine is worked a lot on stainless.
    3. I like the adj postflow on the syncrowave for some reason, does the Dynasty have this as well?
    4. Power requirements aren't an issue

    Comments welcome, thanks guys


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    I have a Syncrowave 250 at work and like it. I just picked up a spec sheet on the Dynasty 200 the other day. It does have an adjustable postflow timer. One thing I didn't know is that to get the 200 amp output requires 3 phase power. On single phase you get 150 amps.


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      not correct, Mike. yes, it does have the post flow adjustment, preflow also.

      but. i got it to 199amps on my 240v 1 phase here at home. i think that missing last 1 amp was because i wasn't holding the torch just right. but it was a test, not a weld. on 120v 20amp 1 phase i got it to 179amps dc


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        You are reading the spec sheet wrong. It goes up to only 150 amps on 120V input power. Anything 200 volts and up will give you 200 Amps on both single or 3 phase. If you look at the volt amp curve on the spec sheet, you will see that the unit does go to 200A on single phase.

        If you only had $2500, you are almost going to have to go the Dynasty way. I doubt you'd get a Sync tigrunner for that. Besides, why not go for the extra performance.

        good luck



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          Looking again, I do see that on the graph.


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            autolab, I just noticed this comp. grid at You may have one running in your head, but this might bring some things to light.

            The Syncs are probably great machines, but the Dynasty's give you so much more control. Plus, they have a sequencer which is great for repetitive welds, once you get the parameters that you want, and pushbutton control. I really like the Dynasty DX's because they are fully featured machines but in a smaller package. So many companies out there reserve the high end features for the powerful machines which I can't afford and don't need. To have auto line, a sequencer, a pulser, programmable controller modes, and frequency adjustable advanced square wave on a 200A machine is awesome on Miller's part.


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              can anybody say "Dynasty 210DX" . actually, i can see that happening. and had thought that it would be unvailed 1 week AFTER i bought my machine.


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                Advanced waveform shaping,and pulse---Dynasty 200DX---enough said!!!!