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  • Torch mounted control

    I just got a torch mounted control for welding in hard to reach areas when you cant get to the pedal. Some things I like about it, some I hate. Is there any way to change the pot in these so they are more sensitive? Trying to hold the torch steady and turn the wheel a full revolution to get to the required amperage isnt the easiest thing to do. And yes, I have the machine set at max amps. If it were possible to make the thumb wheel go to full amperage in 1/2 revolution it would be great.

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    I believe miller has a control where the control slides as opposed to the dial and the amperage reaches max output with minimal movement and would a simple on/off switch work at all or a high low switch?


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      We stopped making the slider control years ago 'cause of reliability issues but there other companies that make controls for our machines. Most you will find will have the same type of control. Most poeple like the finer control instead of such a course control setting. It almost sounds like you could just use an on/off switch and set the amps where you need it from the machine since such a course amp control would be very hard to fine tune your weld puddle anyway. Lots of people use just a remote to start the arc and run the power setting from the machine. Depending on how hot you are welding, the end crater might be larger, or you could do a run off the joint when you reach your weld stopping point.