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  • Excellent customer service

    On Dec.30, I gave up looking for a deal on a used welder and bought a new Bobcat 250 from my local Praxair shop - they were the lowest price locally, even less than the Ebay dealers before taxes. They were very helpful, made sure I got everything I needed, even installed the cable ends. Loaded it all in my pickup alongside the boxes of HF trailer and headed home. Over the weekend I assenbled/modified the trailer and mounted the welder. Towed it over to the gas station and filled it up. Fired it up - started real easy and ran great - and the electronic fuel gauge/hour meter was flashing and reading empty....bummer. Service dept at Praxair was closed Monday. Emailed Miller, they recommended taking it to service but were willing to help me troubleshoot the machine. It would still have to go to service for the repair, though.
    I'm a hobby welder, and a full-time+ high school teacher, 8:00-6:30 five days a week. Service is open 7-5 M-F, so I dropped it off Wednesday. Service manager said he'd have to order part(s) ...I was not happy. I called JT at Miller and politely asked if Miller would overnite the parts, since this was an initial defect - he readily agreed. Service manager called before lunch today and told me it was ready, so they had it less than 48 hours. I had time at lunch to pick it up, so tomorrow I'll get to find out if it welds.
    Turned out is was a bad sending unit. QC should have caught it, but stuff happens. Miller and Praxair made good on it double-quick, and I am pleased. I'm also glad I bought locally - heck, I wouldn't even have the machine yet from IOC or anyone else, and I KNOW Praxair wouldn't have been in a rush to fix someone else's sale......
    I used to work in retail, and I know how quick customers are to complain and how seldom they recognize exceptional service. My hat's off to Praxair (Dave) and Miller(JT) for a job very well done - yes, the gauge works fine now....
    Trent Combs
    Bakersfield, CA

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    Man, you gotta love it when things turn out that way. I'm also big on supporting my local dealer. I have bought three machines from them in four years (looks like maybe 4 if I go for the passport 180) as well as my supplies and they treat me like family. Couldn't get that on the net.

    Congrats on the new unit.
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      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear of your initial trouble. I don't think the sending unit is part of the final test. We don't fill the tank with fuel at the last test station, we just connect a fuel hose to the unit from an external fuel supply.
      Happy welding and good luck with the hig school kids...I used to be one



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        I called the store manager - he kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. When he finally was sure I was just calling to say "Thanks!" you could almost HEAR his smile. I think it made his week.