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Miller spot welders

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  • Miller spot welders

    I got a job this spring that requires a spot welder, got my eyes planted on Miller's 220 volt model with timer.

    The ideal weld size will be 3/16 in diameter in two pieces of sheet steel, each piece 1.5 mm =.05906 thick

    Another part of the project is made from two pieces of sheet steel 1 mm =.03937 thick.

    All metal is clean non-galvanized mild steel.

    My question is..... is it hard to get uniform consistent welds with a spot welder or are they hit and miss, these welds will be seen and painted over so appearance is important. thanks

    found this conversion calculator

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    I have millers 120 volt and 240 volt timer versions. I have never tried to get perfect uniform spotwelds. I manufacture electric kilns for pottery and I spot weld the hose clamps to the stainless steel jackets for tightening them around the firebrick so appearance is not crucial. Maybe some of the pros on this forum could advise you on parameters for consistenancy.


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      Thanks rb455ho