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  • lets see your HOT ROD

    this is a motorsports forum, so lets see some HOT RODS !!!

    here is my pride & joy. many mods, many more to come. the engine is stock, except for what you see, not even computer programing yet. it has a mild stall, and a 3.73 posi. fuel cell under the bed. bed mounted battery & disconnect.
    gimme some slicks and i bet i get 12's. i did ALL the work to it, except tint the windows (i do know how to do that now).

    the supercharger is custom fit. i bought a kit, then a few years later modified it to take the LARGE intercooler that fits where the a/c condencer used to be. i did it all. i made that box on top of the throttle body. no real welding on that , but i am now going to redo that, with some 200dx welds
    evenyone talks about boost drop when an intercooler is added. well guess what. my engineering took the 10ish psi i had, and made it into 14+ psi. NO pulley or blower changes AT ALL. well, i did machine the blower pulley a few .001's to give it better grip. it now has a 3 1/2" exhaust, this is the reason i got into welding. it has snowballed from there = way cool.
    layin rubber = easy, my foot is not on the brake in this pic, and thats with the stock 3.08 open rear, AND it layed posi burnouts without a posi. 275-60-15 at 25 psi.

    enjoy the pics of my hard work. and lets see yours.
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    old engine pics. stock VORTECH blower kit, with my little twist
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      this is what i turned it into. think i should go turbo

      the abs is going to be gone this summer. replaced with a line lock.
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        Heres mine:
        Not much of a HOT ROD...
        93 Eagle Talon AWD
        Stock 125k motor and trans
        [email protected] is my best so far.......
        Lincoln Precision TIG 375
        Lincoln Power MIG 255
        Lincoln Pro Cut 80
        Miller Elite Red Flame


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          Nice clean work...especially on the plumbing!

          I have been thinking about adding a intercooler to the current Paxton...going to require custom plumbing considering Paxton doesn't make a kit for the old SN units...

          here's my road racer...have much planned for the new year
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          87' Mustang GT - Blown 306 Road Racer
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            Well I don't really have a hot rod, I prefer the sleeper approach, but I like your truck. Pretty incognito.

            I had a roots blower on this one as well, on a 2v/cyl motor combo. Now I got rid of that whole combo, starting out this time with a 4v/cyl setup. Amazing airflow, I'll go N/A first, and see what she'll do, next time I get some cash for her, some other type of F.I. will be installed, but not before forged pistons/rods,... again...

            Old motor

            New stuff


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     goto the dynamic 88
              Trailblazer 302g
              super s-32p
              you can never know enough


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                Chicks really dig this one. I havnt ran it out to the strip and clocked it yet.
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                  S, you'd better put a roll cage on that thing!


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                    I have a fleet of those, I would need to build 4 of them then. They are pretty stable though and are built really well. The only structural work I had to do to one was when someone ran into something with one and modifying the battery boxes and putting the cargo boxes on them. They are all exactly identical except for some tires. I am going to get a pic of my Dad and his dog, it jumps on the seat everytime he gets on. One of them I have the glovebox full of basic hand tools and thats handy. They work great for project work, we throw the equipment on the back like a power wheelbarrow. We used to have Honda 4 wheelers but these are so much nicer.


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                      I don't have any pics but mine is a black 93 Mark VIII, 32 valve 4.6L with a chip adjustment and traction loc. Runs solid and still gets 25 MPG, oh yea it runs 13.8, 1/4 mile. Luxury car ride and its a hot rod to boot.

                      Great thread,


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                        I thought I'd jump in on this, we have been racing junior dragsters for ten years but now that the boys are too old it's time to get my old junk out of the corner. The front end, headers, transmision and all of the tin are in the trailer for the winter[and decade] freshen up but you can kind of see what it's supposed to look like. The chassis is by Wayne County before they went Pro Stock racing. It has run some 9.20's with a 292cu in and a clutchless liberty but now is in the 50's range with a mild 355 and a glide. I was always surprised that miller never really had a presence at the major drag races. I also popped a pic of my blue stack in for the heck of it. I hope others will post some pics as it is interesting to see what vices others have as a result of the welding obsession. It looks like the other projects on this thread are of really high quality and detail. Good luck to all in the coming year , JEFF
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                        200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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                          I will race you................. its got a motor.
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                            oldudbob's Truck

                            2004 Silverado 2500HD, D/A, CC, LB
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                              yeah laugh it up...........i got a 94 vw jetta.......143,000 miles........magnaflow catback.......debadged emblems.......k&n drop in filter and mobil 1 ............. 2.0 liter motor but its a good car !

                              got a 55 chevy belair 4 door........bought when i was 16 and havent done anything with it........parked it in the barn 10 years ago and she still sits infront of my dads 57 M.G.A.

                              my buddy bust my stones about the 55 four door but i bust them right back hes got a 79 camaro that dont run either........

                              nice cars that vette.........

                              blown should relocate that guage on the hood.........make it a sleeper!