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    more pics.....dyno damage

    We had finally put the race car on the dyno about a week ago. didn't get a chance to really see what it could do, since during a simulated 1/4 mile run, we had a bit of damage in the 1st to 2nd shift. (sheared the end off of the axle.) (one more piece to add to the wall of shame )
    a couple numbers we did get, though, is during a pull in third gear, registered 387 lbs./ft. of torque. (not bad for a little 4 banger.)

    still havin fun!!!!!
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      sparx i had two 16v vdubs .........the 87 was a GREAT car beat the snot out of it and still drive it up to 275,000miles till the pedal assembly gave way

      the 90 gli was JUNK !

      they arnt bad motors.......if you have enough $$$$ but i have always perferd the the 8v.

      in my current (94) i just did a nice 2*catback with magnaflow muffler and a k&n pannel filter and some mobil 1 and it really woke up the car......the 20v turbos are really nice too......but pricey

      the best thing about the vw 4 cylnder motor is the torque......gotta love that low end grunt



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        Not as fast as some, but will take you into the back counrty and bring you home.

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        The Album is 1943 Carryall