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    Hey sparx, how well does the defrost work, at 159KPH?


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      thank god a vw guy..........and its a ROCCO tooooo !



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        If my mental math is right that is about 100mph, OK I am impressed, stunned, and smiling. You guys know how to have fun!!!!!

        drivin sideways


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          You said he made the corner, does it ever not make the corner?

          How much power does this unit have?

          Cool car man



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            One of our toys being built for NMRA..


            Your Just mad..because the voices don't talk to you!!
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              always made the corner?????

              Hey Brookieslayer......
              Actually, the driver was testing the car during a practice and seeing how far he could push till he needed to lift.....the snowbank at the end of this straight away didn't stop him so to answer your question, no, he didn't always make the corner. As for power.....we haven't put it on the dyno yet, but guesstimates would be around 240 at the crank.
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                Nice to see even the quick make some mistakes, is the motor a vw block to start? What kind of carburation do you guys run on the ice? Don't you have problems with things icing on the intake?

                Isn't 240 a little high for a normally aspirated 4 cylinder?



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                  Here's mine. Prob'ly not as fast as Sberry's - 2.5 for the quarter. (Minutes, that is.)

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                    video link

                    Here is a link to a video that one of our board of directors for our autosport club put together.


                    it is about 9 megs so might take a while for slower computers, but pretty cool.

                    p.s. our autosport website is here:



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                      I have a 94 LT1(Z28 camaro)motor and 4L60E tranny. for sale.
                      Was going in a S-10 several years ago but couldn't find anyone who knew how to make the existing wiring harness work without paying $450.00-750.00 for a new harness


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                        Cool! Years ago our local ice circuit hosted an "Unser" challenge for a few years in a row. Al Sr., Al Jr. and Bobby were all in attendance blasting around the ice course. Pretty cool. I think they travelled around quite a bit, did they ever hit Thunder Bay? It's amazing to watch those guys drive a course.


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                          Our pro4 dirt car had 280, out of a 2.0 pinto engine, with a single 2bbl carb and it did 100mph in second [email protected] 9700 rpm. It played heck on stock transmissions, they would just break I don't understand! Do you????

                          Rock on,


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                            Hey PJ.

                            Funny you should mention the transmission problems.... Before we went to the Eurospec racing tranny, we had an incident with our 4-speed. Evidently, these don't like to be beaten up. We were on our way to taking over first position in a race a couple years ago and the tranny quit. got back to the shop and took it apart....results: all but 2 teeth left on the differential ring gear, 1 tooth left on the pinion, and a twisted input shaft on the tranny. (This is aparently the strongest part of the VW transmissions) took some pretty decent power to do this kind of damage (especially on ice).

                            We are running a european 50 mm stock intake and throttle body. the icing problem is covered by routing the intake air through the firewall and putting the K&N inside the driving compartment. This makes for some pretty wicked noise in the driver's seat when this baby is opened up. As for the intake portion, we have some top secret plans coming up for the next phase of this car.
                            Can't say too much right now, but we are going to retire it from the ice and put it on asphalt. Road racing is where this baby belongs. (163 mph gearing in 6th should be a whole lot of fun when that "hard left" at the end of the straight-away comes up. )
                            will keep you guys posted and send more pics.
                            One more week till the racing season starts!!!!!!!


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                              Way cool

                              This thing sounds like it can really move and sounds like you guys have done your homework...... keep us posted with the results of the good stuff.




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                                Originally posted by kid
                                Your right Scott V, that was a hint at an old song about a rambler. Don't remember the name of it but some of the words were "Hey buddy, how do you get this thing out of second gear!".
                                The name of the song is "Lil Nash Rambler" by The Playmates. If you like I have a copy of it on my hard drive!

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