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  • Recommendation needed

    Hello there, this is my first post! I'm from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (caribbean).

    I'm in the market for a Tig welder that can weld about 1/4" aluminum (perhaps a littlebit thicker now and then).
    Is the Dynasty 200 SD or DX capable of doing this?
    What is the difference between the SD and DX?

    Thank you,

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    In a word No.

    You'll need a Dynasty 300 or a syncrowave capable of 250++ amperage.
    rule of thumb is 1 amp per .001 of material thickness.
    1/4 = .25 = 250 amps

    Having said that, a Dynasty 200 DX technically can do .25" almuminum if you switch to pure Helium shielding gas, you may have to dwell a little longer with the tig torch. You'll probably be heat-soaking the torch pretty good as you sit there trying to fuse 1/4, since your saying you want to do even thicker material than 1/4, sounds like you may want to consider something bigger.

    Go as big as you can afford!

    Personally I plan to use a Dyn200 dx on anything up to 1/4 aluminum(when I buy one next year), and if it's thicker than that, I will be using the spoolgun on my millermatic 251 mig welder, which will weld 1/2" all day.

    Good Luck!


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      Happy New Year.

      So the Dyn 200dx will weld upto 1/4" aluminum. But it will work on it's max, right? Not good ,huh?

      Why use helium instead of 100% argon? What is the benefit here?


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        helium is ued for a hotter arc. There may be other reasons.

        Happy New Year


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          The Dynasty 300DX will be the machine of choice for the 1/4" and above. The 200DX's sweet spot will be 1/8"-3/16" and it does this thickness well.

          The SD doesn't have the pulse features the DX has. The pulse will help with puddle control and prevent over penetration on longer beads as the metal heats up.

          The Dynasty 300DX is a really super machine and at 106 lbs its even fairly portable.

          Good luck,


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            If you are welding 1/4" Al, why tig? I recommend mig.


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              I agree with AT if you your quantity is high. However, if penetration and appearance are key then tigging is the only way to go. A dyn 200 will struggle to do 1/4". A dyn 300 will not but, big $$$. Have you given any thought to a syn 250. Not very portable though. Good Luck.


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                Originally posted by RYSO
                Happy New Year.

                Why use helium instead of 100% argon? What is the benefit here?
                RYSO, Helium has five times air's thermal conductivity making it the perfect heat conductor.


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                  Preheating can be an option to accomplish welding material thicker than would otherwise be possible. Of course this slows the process down. However it might allow you to get by in a non production situation at the upper level of the d200s range. And save some money over the bigger machines. It also depends on what type of joints you will be welding. An outside corner requires much less heat than a fillet on the same material. As well as the length and width of pieces you're welding (aluminum transmits heat FAST)