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Dyn 200DX and Al questions

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  • Dyn 200DX and Al questions

    Hi, I am a new member and I just received my Dynasty 200dx today.

    I want to weld some aluminum and I have been reading Richard Finch's book Performance Welding and it suggested that to start one should get a large cup size (around #10) and 3/32" pure tungsten with a 3/32" #4043 filler rod. I have all of that and 3 more cup and tungsten sizes that came with the contractor's kit. I also have a bottle of 100% Argon. I have seen other posts that suggest running different tungsten, which should I use? What settings should I start with to weld 1/8" 6061? Do I need to get anything else for a well rounded setup?

    Thanks and Happy New Years!!

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    hello & welcome

    if you do a search, you will find more info than you can use, for now.
    this is a very popular machine, and has been talked about a great deal here.


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      Hi, and welcome. I think you'll find some good info and good folks here. I have Finch's book and while it is pretty good overall it does have some incorrect information from time to time. On your 200 you will not want to use pure or try to ball any tungsten you may use. I still use thoriated because it's what I have but you will find that ceriated tungsten or zirtung will be much better for an inverter machine. I'd sharpen up some tunsten and try around 100 amps at 150 cycles just for starters. I feel like the amperage at that frequency will give a feel for the machine and the pedal at a pretty forgiving rate. The norm is a little more heat than that and frequency to suit the job. I have a 200 and if you search this forum you will find A LOT of info that will help you along at an amazing rate. GOOD LUCK, Jeff
      200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot