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    Welding mag isn't too bad. Start with a lowish EN balance on AC and pick up some magnesium filler. It's safe to weld. Similar to aluminum. Cleanliness as stated is paramount. And no you won't have any luck trying to weld aluminum to magnesium.. It is the chips that are dangerous. We machine a few car parts out of magnesium but don't weld on it often.

    I have seen the chips burned and it's pretty phenominal.. Gives off a very bright white light that actually hurts to look at. I don't suggest trying it, but it's neat.


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      In a previous life when I worked for an aerospace company I carried MiL. Certs to weld Mag. As others have stated, it is very similiar to welding aluminum.

      When working materials .040" to .125" thick the process was:
      Tig, A.C., #5 Cup, 7-10 CFH Straight Argon, maintain a very short arc length, keep torch angle very close to vertical-perhaps 5* leading angle. Weld will be smokey, and have a residue somewhat similiar to welding DC aluminum that will easily brush off. Cleanliness is extremely important, remember to wipe the filler rod (Az61A for most applications & Az91A for Cast) with solvent, same as parent materials.

      Good luck,