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    Aphexafx, I have not however I have plugged several holes in the 1/2" with a champher on the plug and the part. Filled the champher and machine it flat again and there was absolutely no porosity. The other thing is all I have hooked up is a 350 amp torch which is somewhat bulky for going around corners. I purchased a smaller Ck 250 amp torch and ordered some quick disconnect couplings from arczone. I am looking forward to the smaller torch as you can almost holid it like a pencil compared to a sledge hammer.


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      Right on, man. I really like those welds.

      I started with a 200A 26 torch and when I bought the 17 it made a big difference as far as handling goes because it's so much smaller. Now I rarely use the 26, except when I'm showing the welder to someone because it's big and cool looking.

      Let us know how those coolant line disconnects work out for you because I'm looking into a cooler setup and I've been interested in them.


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        i pulled 2 pieces of 1/2" 6061 scrap from my pile. they are small. but i will try to weld them, and i think i can, but don't know. will post pics, good or bad. i have layed a bead on a large piece of 3/4" with somewhat easy. so we will see. if it works out, i will try larger pieces. interesting to compare.


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          Hey guys, thanks for all the input. I really appreciate being part of this forum. When the disconnect coupling arrive and I can use my smaller torch I will post some more pics. Believe it or not I have used the 350 amp torch with some 1/16" zir-W to weld .060 and it worked fine except for the bulkiness. I must say it is quite a bit more touchy than the thick stuff.