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Correct Spoolmatic Aluminium Technique

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  • Correct Spoolmatic Aluminium Technique

    Well I would like to hear what hand technique is used with Spoolguns with diffrent materials.
    I have been instructed (by a Technical School instructor) PROPER TECHNIQUE FOR ALUMIUNM was Pull with weave over clean seam being joined.
    B) Vertical Down, Same with special notice on puddle formation and edge penatration.
    How do you feel & what are your techniques???

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    Well I hate to go against your instructor, but the proper way to do most Aluminum is to PUSH the gun. This blows the oxides away from the deposited weld puddle.

    hope this helps



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      If the vertical down your instructor is talking about is for aluminum, I would be looking else where for a teacher. I have yet to see a decent vertical down on aluminum. I would recommend vertical up when ever possible, I realize sometimes you have no choice but to go down. As Andy also said push technique not pull. Scott


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        I have heard this from the forum... "You Never Know Enough'' I believe I have been mis informed but I will post some shots of the work for giggles..


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          On aluminum vertical down is used because the puddle gets so fluid and wants to open up on you. For deep penetration the up is definantly the call but caution be your guide it will open and blow out if your not careful. I weld 16 and 18ga Aluminum with my 3035 spoolmate and always use down if vertical is required since penetration is not the main requirement. Don't blow off the instructor for the methods, each weld has a set of perameters and each has definate reasons. Vertical down is easier to teach than up, and for a novice its easier to accomplish.

          Pushing is the way I learned and I have tried both ways. With pulling the bead I see oxidation and much more sooty welds.

          Teachers are in the business of teaching you to think for yourself, so do it his way and try some different methods, see what changes different angles make, and push vs. pull higher or lower flowrates, higher wire speed vs. lower wire speed. If you do something that works better for you then it is good but you will also know what changes do what to the finished weld, Hence making you a better welder!


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            I appreciate the input & the help in correct technique, the welds have been solid with deep penatration (correct heat & wire speed) assumed that the proceedure was correct.. I noted the soot was less a issue on pushing but considerided the contamination in the puddle to seem logically larger & (stupid as at seems) Followed that instruction..
            New Lession ___ --- Check out strength in push to pull & work correctly..
            Check with the Miller Forum to see if you are correct in your instructed proceedures
            Learning and listening(reading) with hope in perfection someday


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              I'd say that push is definitly the way to go and that on the projects i've worked on that required verticle; up was the only way I had a quality result. It was on 1/8th thick 3in rectangular most recently and worked out very well. All jobs are different but in general push aluminum has been my only method with a gun. Good Luck, JEFF
              200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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                If you want to show your instructor, it shows in several welding books, including a few from miller, that push is used to keep gas coverage over the puddle, it even states this in small pamphlet that came with my spoolmatic 30a spoolgun.

                I guess if that's not a concern then weld any way you want!


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                  Thanks for the heads up Teeps, the 30 A Spoolmatic owners manual (OM 1213 March 2003) is the start reason for my unfortanate question (and incorrect recommendation) to a local instructor.
                  I have read this and rereviewed due to a change over from steel to a quantity of aluminum square tube. It had been a while since I used the Spoolgun & the ol brain is a litte rusty sometimes The MM251 came with a video & for giggles if the VCR still works, I am going to see if it refers to the spoolmatic in it( probably should did this before putting my foot in my mouth and looking ignorant)
                  I am going to try to stop at the job site & get some cut offs & show the work( if possible) before getting shipped out next week.
                  I also put a note in my standards set book with the correct notation..