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    Hello all, I just got some samples from diamond ground. Tri-mix 30deg, .020 flat. I was sold on zirc-w for ac aluminum. However, I just did some 3/8" T joint 6061-T6 with there Tri-mix electrode and it worked great. Just wondered if anybody has used this type of electrode and what their opinion of it is?

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    I have used the Diamond Ground tri-mix. My samples were a high polish finish sharpened to a point with a slight flat. They work well on DC SS GTAW where arc wander can be a problem. They are also great for AC TIG on aluminum with the Dynasty inverters. I have no experience with this tungsten alloy on a Syncrowave.

    Everything I have seen, read, and done indicates zirconiated tungsten has all the qualities desired for AC welding with a standard squarewave machine. With the inverters I am still testing the tri-mix and the 2% lanthanated on AC and DC. I think I prefer the 2% lanthanted for AC and perhaps lean slightly toward the tri-mix alloy for SS-maybe.


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      Thanks for the info. I was surprised on how well it worked myself. The tip did ball up ever so slightly. What is a good price for the P-2? Jim @ diamond grind quoted $625.00.


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        Originally posted by rb455ho
        What is a good price for the P-2? Jim @ diamond grind quoted $625.00.
        That sounds pretty good to me. A couple of months ago I was quoted $700 for the PII. I ended up going with the PIII for my needs and with your sync 350, you might want to consider it as well. Just my opinion but better to get what you can grow into rather than out of.
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          Jim has quoted you an excellent price. That is close to what I paid. The going rate is $700 as Kevin at KB said. I have a PII and really like. However, I don't use much precision ground tungsten larger than 3/32" with my Dynasty 300. This is the largest diameter the PII is made to grind. Kevin has a good point about looking toward the Piranha III with your Syncrowave. It is will grind up to 3/16" tungsten electrodes. My guess is you are using a lot of 1/8" and 5/32" tungsten with your new Sync 350. The Piranha


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            HAWK, let me retract my success with the TRi-mix. The first weld I did with it with a sharpened point seemed fine. Today once it balled up more the arc quality deterioated so I went back to Zir-W and you are right it is the best for the XFMR machines. In diamond grounds defense I am sure that the tri-mix works great for DC.


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              The tri-mix is a great alloy for AC and DC with inverter engine machines like the Dynasty series. For the Syncrowaves I personally like the 2% lanthanated for DC and the zirconiated for AC. You only have to stock 2 tungsten alloys and they will do it all!