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  • TIG Torch Gas Valve

    What are the Pro and con of gas valve on air cooled torch. i have a sny. 180sd. looking to add #9 flex head torch to my set up. most weld stores only stock the ones with the gas valve on the torch.

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    Bad idea IMHO

    Hello and welcome to the forum. You will find a wealth of information here as well as some mighty fine people.

    Since your 180sd has a selenoid valve, having a valve on the torch head is really unnecessary. I have used a setup like this (only torch head in the shop) once before and it ended up being kind of a pain. The valve cap would always work its way out of the torch after about 30 min of welding and wrangling the thing around. Things are'nt pretty when that happens.

    The torches with the valve are also more expensive. Sometimes they are almost twice the price. I would stick to using the valveless torch on your machine, even if you had to order one (better order two then).
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      I agree with Kevin; The valve seems to get in the way at the time you need to roll the torch in just a certain way. I bought a torch and superflex cable from and am happy with it. Good Luck, JEFF
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