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Is Dynasty that much better than syncrowave 350LX ?

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  • joebass
    You have already nailed all the issues on the Dynasty. In my opinion it blows away the Syncrowave on aluminum work. As far as portable, I have the 300DX TIGrunner and I have taken it on location several times. I have taken the whole rig on a trailer to a restaurant to install some custom stainless shelves and and splashguards. I have taken the welder only and stick welded 40 or so feet of 1 1/4 inch sched. 40 structural pipe for handrail. I made a pigtail and plugged it into a dryer outlet across the street. In fact next week I have to take it to a restaurant and do some more stainless work. This machine rocks!

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  • Blown S-10

    yep, i grind mine to a piont with a small flat. this flat does get balled sometime, i don't know why yet . anyway, i don't think a 300dx is very portable. but at 40# for the machine only, a 200dx is portable. for a guy that really wants to, and has a bit of muscle. it wouldn't be an issue to carry the WHOLE rig, bottle and all, at one time. well, maybe a little issue. i ran my 200dx on 20 amps of 120v and got 179a dc out of it !

    downside is price.

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  • Is Dynasty that much better than syncrowave 350LX ?

    I was forced to an early medical retirment a few years ago,but stil have a decent hobby welding & machine shop with my four sons.I have owned many new welders over the years,but still get a little excited about new technology.I purchased a new Miller XMT inverter/64 feeder about four years ago and it is the finest wire welder that I have ever used.I think that inverter technology is great.We can run it in my shop on 3 phase power and take to a freinds garage and run it on single phase.For tig use we have a syncrowave 350LX that we purchased a few years ago.It is great,but not very portable,since it is huge and needs atleast a 100 amp circuit to run.It welds quite nice,but most of our use is with fairly thin materials and I wonder if the Dynasty would be worth the extra money.My 350LX is very nice and I am sure that I could get a decent price from it,if I decided to sell it and make the move to a Dynasty.There are a few things that I heard about the Dynasty that really caught My attention.Pointed tungsten welding on aluminum????narrower flatter beads on aluminum with no balled tungsten??? One type of tungsten for all of my welding needs??? AC and DC tig in a light weight inverter???? NO WAY...........,WAKE ME UP OR SLAP ME OR SOMETHING.This just sounds too good to be true......I would surely appreciate some input on this subject.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling.


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    Miller XMT power source,4 roll 64 feeder with remote digital readouts
    Miller 30A spool gun
    Miller syncrowave 350LX,HD footpedal,coolmate V3 cooler,25' Binzel rubber hosed H20 torch
    Miller Spectrum 300 plasma cutter
    Thermal Dynamics pak 5XR plasma cutter