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Finding a steel supplier

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  • Finding a steel supplier

    I bought a Millermatic 135 a few months back and have been learning to weld mainly so I can fabricate little things on the racecar. So far, I've been picking up light gauge steel from Orchard Supply (mainly 16 gauge square tubing and 1/8" angle iron). I'm thinking of trying out projects involving some larger pieces of steel (1/8" to 3/16" stuff), but OSH doesn't carry stuff like that and all the steel supply places I've found in the Yellow pages won't sell me small quantities. You guys got any suggestions where to look? (I'm thinking of building a welding/hobby table right now.)


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    Welcome to the forum.

    It might help to know where you are geographically. There are folks here from all over the USA that might be able to steer you in the right direction.

    Other than that, you could check with some of the fab shops in town. They might (I say might) be able to sell you a few sticks of what you need. It all depends on what they have on hand and if they could part with it.
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      I live near San Jose, CA.


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        did you ask the suply places for cut off's left overs and or overages or did you ask for exactly what you wanted ???
        you might give them all anothere call and ask if the have hummm my noodle isent working right now i think it's called overages or overstock. baisicly tell them you realy dont care what it is you are just looking for stuf to play with and you may get what you want or find somthing different to play with?

        just a thought , hope it helps

        sorry i got a few crossed wires up stairs right at the moment. ill try to reword this tomarow for ya. but i think ya can get the point .
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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          There has to be a steel yard near you. I have 3....maybe 4 in Bakersfield. I remember when steel was $.10 a pound in 1973. I laugh when I see the price they charge for the 3' sticks in the big box stores.


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            out here on the east coast we call those extra pieces "drops" as in its the extra that droped after a specific piece was cut.
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              I get my small pieces and full sticks down at the local weld shop. He repairs everything and always has a full hopper of small pieces.

              I always take a few circles he's burned out too for bases, saves time.

              No matter what the cost I tell him to just round off the price to the next higher dollar to make it a faster transaction and to show him respect and appreciation. many times he stops what he's doing to help me for what amounts to just a few dollars of steel. I get my steel and get gone, unless he's not busy, than I visit with him and his helper. Get to know your source and be humble, it gets you a lot further.


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                I Have Found That Many Times It Is Cheaper To Buy The 20' Stick Then It Is To Buy Say A 5' Piece Because They Charge A Cut Charge. If You Have Room To Store The Extra Stock Then You Can Start Building Up A Stock Pile To Have On Hand.



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                  I have a few recycle steel yards near me that is a good source for metal projects. They get alot of the drops from mfg plants and resell them pretty resonable.

                  good luck



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                    Also if you find a good place to get steel and you like the people that run it. Go back to that place every time. I know the price of steel is very high but call around maybe then go to the same place EVERY TIME. This has payed off for me I(Dry Creek Welding) only go one place. Same thing with welding supplys.

                    Good luck with finding the stuff you need.

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                      Around here the rem rack is mainly 10' lengths. They just cut new 20 footers to keep the "rem" rack full.