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    I guess a lil more info would help you help me. I didnt realize until I reread my question how vague it was, and I appreciate the reply to my first question.
    I have recentley purchased a cnc plasma cutter and am getting more and more industrious every day(great fun). Most of the welding would be automotive in nature for now because that is what I do now as a shop owner. But almost every day I encounter a new application for my cnc toy and would hate to be limited by limits of other shop equipment. I would be guessing that most of the welding would be on or near 1/8 in with the occasional 3/8 1/2 for exhaust flanges(turbo applications). Thanks again for the info and link. I have gone over all the info in the broucher several time and will take tomorrow to go over the additional info I was sent. Thanks again.