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I have a new appreciation for Miller customer service.........

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  • fun4now
    gota love the blue

    it would seem the extra $100.00 or so you have to spend to go blue rather than red is $$$ well spent.
    sometimes saving a few $$$ up front can come back to bite you in the @*!

    the MM210 is a great lil welder that is spoken highly of by menny i'm shoure you will love it.

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  • DDA52
    Miller's support is great isn't it? I and many others have done the red service thing also. I did it about 20 years ago and haven't looked back since. I recently had a prob with my MM 135. Miller had the parts to the repair shop in a day and a half from the time of order. ......It still took them four more days to get to it, but at least they had the parts. One week without a MIG was a small price to pay compared to the 6 months back in '84.

    FWIW, there may be a service center in San Antonio you could call. Lemme know and I'll give you the number.

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  • I have a new appreciation for Miller customer service.........

    After trying to reach customer service and tech support for Lincoln. I've got a Marquette mig that it would seem the gas valve went out in. Not only will no one answer the **** phone in tech support nor return voice mails, but no one in customer service will either. So I'm left without even being able to find a service center to fix the **** thing.

    Yet, I could get on a miller website last friday, find a service center for my Sync180SD with with no High Frequency, take it in, and it's fixed 5 business days later. That's even allowing time for Miller to ship the needed part to the service center.

    Yep, I see a MM210 in my future.