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tig welder?

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  • HAWK


    As fun4now said there is a lot to be said and many pages to be written to effectively answer this question. Click here to view a similar question and answers on this forum. Here is some more good information.

    If you go to this link , you will find a dozen pages of informative posts on the Syncrowaves, Dynasty 200s and 300's and Syncrowaves. More good stuff.

    Don't forget for great information! Here is a link to some great PRODUCTS .

    I hope this helps. Do some reading and let us know what specific questions you may have.

    Merry Christmas

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  • fun4now
    more info would help

    if you were to give us a lil more of an ideal as to what you are looking to work with or on we could give you a better ideal as to witch would suit you better.
    you have asked a prity big ??? have you read the wright up on each of the welders you are concidering.

    what size and type of metals do you intend to use it on?

    welcome to the board

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    started a topic tig welder?

    tig welder?

    I am now considering a tig machine for light manufactoring, what are the differences between the dynasty, syncrowave 250 dx, and 350 lx. I have very little experiance with tig as is, having only used the tig adapter on my snap-on 250 with poor results.
    However, in my defence, experienced welders have used my rig and told me it was pretty much useless.