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  • Syncrowave 300

    Any one here have welding experience with the Syncrowave 300? Any and all info would help.

    Thanks, Joshua

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    syn 300

    I recently purchased a syn 350 circa 1990 with 20hour of usage. I have gained considerable working knowledge from this forum, in particular from HAWK. I would suggest asking some specifics regarding your particular application and the replys will all be helpful and informative.


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      I used one for a couple of evenings in school, an older one all analog setup and it worked very well. It had an older bernard cooler and a monster torch that was difficult for me as a beginner. The arc was smooth and the real limit was the me. I ran it with ceriated{orange stripe} on 3/16" and 1/8" steel corners and it was good but I never really pushed it.

      Hope this helps,


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        Thanks for the quick replys. No real specifics to what I am going to do with it. There is one for sale local a 1979 model with 2 torches foot pedal and a cooler for $1799 Basicly wondering if it is worth getting.



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          Sounds high to me. If you don't need a 300 amp machine check this out It is new and has a warranty. $500 more money will get you a new syncro 250 also from BRwelder.

          If you are wanting an AC machine{for Aluminum} then the choices are fewer but you can get some really nice DC tig machines for less than that!

          Think it over, new vs. old

          Oops, the 250 was machine only misread the header.The full package is $3700.


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            I do want an AC/DC welder I don't need a 300 amps now but you never know I have sent him an email asking if he is interested in a lower offer. I have been saving for a MM251 and a Dynasty. I figured it was local I should look into it.


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              Look yes but I think it about double the price it should be, but you can check on ebay see what they have sold for. I really like my Dynasty 200DX and wouldn't trade for a 300 amp anything, unless its a Dynasty300DX.

              Good luck,


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                syn 300

                Pjseman, I agree that the $1800.00 is too much for a 25 year old machine. If you have tried the machine and everything works to your liking I would offer this person $800.00 and not pay more than $1000.00. Again, try the machine in all perceivable modes before you buy one that old. I bought my syn 350 from my best friends boss and I knew the history of the machine but I tried it before I bought it.


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                  $1000 is about the right price. Don't let the age of the machine be the determining factor. I'm pretty sure the arc quality of the big blue lumps didn't really change over the years. One thing I would take note of is the cleanliness of the machine. 25 years of metalic dust can cause trouble in the boards. Remebmer that any TIG rig that is turnkey (torch, cooler, regulator, foot pedal...) is going to save you a ton of money over putting a rig together your self.
                  Make sure you take this with a grain of salt becasue I'm a little bias...
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                    Dynasty 200DX

                    I just purchased a;

                    Dynasty 20DX for $2260.00

                    Water Cooled Torch $217.00

                    Coolmate 3 $466.00

                    Will be in next week and I can't wait to try it out!!


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                      Thanks for all the replys. He emailed me back and he is firm on the price so Looks like I am still saving for MM251/dynasty


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                        Just about any squarewave tig around will still bring at least $1000 if in fair condition and not beat up. I just sold 2 older analog Sync 250s with coolers for $1200 & $1400 with torches and new coolant. I think he's still asking a little too much for it. You can do better.