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How much "Tweeking" is enough?

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  • How much "Tweeking" is enough?

    I posted this on some other boards, but I wanted some feedback here too - Thanks!

    I was having a look-see at the Lincoln 225/125 AC/DC welder and am also looking at the Miller Thunderbolt (aka: Hobart Stickmate) and have a question.

    The Miller/Hobart have a variable amperage adjustment via a screw mechanism. The Lincoln has fixed adjustments. On the AC side they run from 20A on the low, 15A in the mid and 25A on the high side. The DC has 15A increments.

    Soooo, when you are "tweeking" your welder, are you doing it in - say 15ish amp increments or larger or smaller? If so - how much?

    Miller Dialarc HF

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    A lot of the same guys here that are over at Hobart, with some electrodes under critical conditions as little as 2 or 3 amps. With 7018 when its perfect you can see little tiny bubbles boiling out of the puddle. A lot of guys never notice them but they are there. As one old timer put it, infinate adjustment isnt going to make anyone a weldor, but I would like it anyway if I had a choice and as Dan said it could be useful if you ever wanted to tig with it.


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      If your really going to use your welder a lot, get the infinate adjustment. I have found that when welding out of position, 5-10 amps can make a really big difference. Now if your just going to pick it up a couple of times a month you may find it difficult to tell the difference between 15-20 amps.

      If you can get a great deal the Lincoln, go for it. If not, get the Thunderbolt or Stickmate.