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  • Bessy sliding clamps

    I asked the family to pitch in and buy me a pair of Bessy 12" sliding clamps a James Morton welder clamp and pipe clamp for Christmas.

    My Enco 4" and 12" inch forged clamps,Channel Lock welding clamps, and Pony pipe clamps are pretty straight forward clamping systems and I know there limitations, sliding clamps on the other hand I have never used before so I'm asking are there any unwritten tips & no nos I should know about before i get under something they are holding together? Thanks guys

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    i got one of the bessy corner clamps from home depot (for wood ) and i tried to use it for welding and needless to say i blew a hole through it and scared the crap out of myself...........but i wrote to bessy and they cut me a check for the clamp...........




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      The Bessy sliding clamps are great and are a timesaver. I broke one 20+ years ago and replacement parts are available. I had it clamped to a forklift fork doing something stupid. So don't do this at home...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        bessy clamps and clamping systems are the best Ive ever used! Keep them oiled with wd or equiv. Use anti spatter spray if migging near the threads. The ones I have have copper threads but they do get buggered up occasionally and require a filling(file).
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          Thanks guys. dyn88 mine are cheapies, I paid 57$ a piece for them, they probably won't come with copper plated threads but their added reach will come in handy.. Hoping I get them tomorrow or Friday.


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            pic's anyone?


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              teeps, heres a picture from their website.



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                I bought one of those last week at Linde, I didn't think it cost me 57!!! though!!! Yikes.

                Maybe yours are alot deeper though.


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                  Here are a couple of pics of the Bessey clamps that I own. There are a couple different versions of the same clamp. These are the heavy duty ones. They are very expensive! But I think that their worth every penny. The smaller one in the pic is a 12" and the larger is a 20". I have two of each and when I paid $75 each for the small ones and $90 each for the large ones. (that was a good deal) My wife thought that I lost my mind but trust me these things are worth their weight in gold. When your welding 1/2" and 3/4" plate and you need something strong to hold it in place these clamps will do it.
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                    I have a group of Bessey clamps that I wouldn't trade off but I also keep a bunch of "dollar store" clamps around to use in close quarters where you know they could be splattered or close to the heat. I know I've used the good ones in a few situations that are not the "approved" method and they keep on ticking! Good Luck and Happy Holidays, especially to all of you digging out! JEFF
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                      I did the same thing with my Vise Grips, i hate welding splatter on them. The local farm store had some for 5 bucks a pair. I bought 10 of them just for my welding fixtures...Bob
                      Bob Wright


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                        I picked up another one from linde, so now I have a set, and I think they will get used alot when I build my welding table.

                        Picked up my Argon, and spoolgun, but 98/2 gas wasn't in yet. I love the Linde guys they are great to work with.

                        Mine were just little 6" sliding Bessey clamps, their labeled as "SQ-4" and 1200 lbs max load.

                        Linde guy gave me a discount on everything when I picked-up my welder, I had to go back to pick up my spoolgun, so he marked off this second clamp as well, atleast from their pricing.

                        Cost around $22.75 each.

                        Might be a place online you can get them cheaper, I never looked, I wanted some in hand so I don't mind spending a few extra bux for that sometimes.


                        I'm sure I may have a need for deeper reaching clamps eventually, but for now these are alot better than what I had!!! 1 or 2 C clamps, lol.


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                          Teeps those are some sweet clamps. Your picture makes me hot for some 6 inchers too, never can have to many clamps Have fun dude and Good luck with your equipment.