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HELP: welder power

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  • HELP: welder power

    how much volts come out of the average houses walls? say its 180V and your welder needs 208V or 230V, what do u gotta do to be able to power it up?
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    How about some actual needs. What type welder do you have and what input power requirements does it have? Some inverters are rather forgiving on input voltage and phase while transformer units are hard core about the power required.

    I doubt you will find a residential area with 208 volts. You should have a minimum of 220VAC entering the supply panel. The best option is to find your machines power requirements(we can help you with that) and have a qualified electrician wire your machine.


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      Your home should be configured as follows:

      3-wire edison
      single phase meaning 2- 120volt to ground or 240 VAC between them. There is no other configuration regarding residences. Depending on who you talk to some people still say 110 and 220, motor people use 115 and 230, but the effective (RMS value) is 120 and 240 single phase. The only reason you would have lower would be to the I ^2 *R losses from excessive current draw. This lowers the voltage because of the power lossess in the wire. Believe it or not copper and aluminum wire does have resistance. I do not know if this helps but hopefully.


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        most residential power will vary from 220 - 240 volts. If you have only 180V, you have other problems. Most welders we make have at least a +/- 10% power tolerance and you may not need to do anything. Some also have primary power links you need to set to get the unit set to the power supply you have.

        Hope this helps.



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          Folks your age don't know a lot about electical services, as a rule. You can take it for granted that your house has an electrical service that supplies 240 volts of alternating current (AC) to the main service panel.

          Do you have a welding machine? If you do, what does the plug on the end of the cord look like? Any receptacle in your garage that looks the same? If you can match 'em up, you'll be good to go. If not, we can help.

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            i have
            thanks for the help
            hope i helped
            feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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              Perhaps if you called your power company they would send a representative out free of charge to make an on site assessment of your power situation, it could be that they need to install a bigger transformer on the pole.