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Zir W- is the way to go for AC aluminum tig

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  • Zir W- is the way to go for AC aluminum tig

    HAWK, I did several 1/2" 6061-T6 with the 1/8" Zir-W electrode and it works great. I can set the balance control high for a narrow more penetrating bead and low for a wider one. Why would anyone ever use pure Z when this is available?

    Thanks for the great info.

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    A lot of professional guys running the Sync 350's at the aircraft plants do use Zirtung. That is where I learned about it. I don't think the general welding public is aware of it. I know first hand it will make a new machine out of your Syncrowave on AC!

    I use a Dynasty with 2% lanthanated for my Al work. However, if I still owned a squarewave machine the Zirc would be king of the tungsten hill. Get some 2% lanthanated sharpened to a point for your DC work. You are welcome and enjoy.

    Merry Christmas!!!


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      2% lanthanated

      HAWK, your friends at diamond ground are sending me some samples as I requested. I will email them and see if they will include some 2% lan. This weekend I am going to try my syn180 at home with the Zir-W. I will let you know how the rebirth goes.


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        Too cool. Don't expect miracles as you are now seriously spoiled by the Sync 350!


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          We teach all our students at the Hobart institute on zirtung on aluminum. It is great stuff for the transformer type power sources. I wish everyone could try it I don't think they would go back to the pure tungsten. Take care.


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            zir W

            I know I will never purchase pure W again. I really enjoy this forum guys. All of you are very knowledgable and friendly. I wish all of you Happy Holidays!!