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Once again Miller saves the day (or night)

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  • Once again Miller saves the day (or night)

    Well it's -5 deg F and the wind is blowing pretty hard up here. The wind chill is -26 deg F and as luck would have it the power went! No kidding. Well my wife said now what do we do??? No problem I said. (In my best HERO voice) I went to the garage fired up our Bobcat 250NT and plugged her into the lead made up for just such an emergency... As the lights came on and the boiler fired back up she said you know I'm glad you bought that welder... Thanks Miller for building such reliable equipment!
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    Similar situation

    Funnily enough I was sort of in the same situation, only this was not a life and death situation.

    Car was parked in the garage, the shutter system is electric type, lucky for me there is no manual override system were one can use a manual handle to open the shutter.

    So since the electricity was out, I have one of those Small portable hondas Genset the 220 I believe, cranked it up, opened the main box shutdown the main power supply of the hosue just incase the electricity came back up, dont want to look like capt crunch after all, wired 3 lines + / - and earth genset squiled a bit the house lights came back up and the garage door opened out comes the chevy truck.

    I guess it's not really miller saves the day, but more of how logical out minds think in a situation like that. BTW the genset is a 2.2KVA for some reason it managed to power up the fridge, freezer 2 24 btu ac wall mounts and the garage door how dont ask.


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      Anybody remember hurricane season? I went 12 1/2 days between the last 2 storms without power. I have a Wacker 5.6KW gen that ran for 12 1/2 days plugged into my welder recepticle in my shop. I tripped the main and ran the house and shop. Had 2 window units cooling the house, TV, fridg and microwave. Had no hot water though. I shut the gen down twice a day to refuel and check oil. Had to go for gas every day, 5 stations away, the first 4 were out or without power. I couldn't run my shop so I was out of business the whole time.
      Going down to 26* tonight! It was 87* a week ago.


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        generator is security

        i got a 5,500W gen 3 years ago when i moved out to the contry. every 1 i know told me i was waisting my $$$. well i just let the jokes role off and soon enough when every 1 was out looking i just walked out on the porch and pulled the cord. i wired it to the house with a twist lock and some 10/3wg so i just plug it in and start it . i think i have used it a total of 55-70 houres in the last 3 years. but it is real nice to know its there. if only i had thought to get that miller i could have gotten another tool and called it for her convieneance and safty LOL
        hummm wonder how hard it would be to break that 1 on the porch LOL just kidding gota save for the dyn200
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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          I use my Trailblazer to power the house in the summer monsoons. It sure is nice to have light and cool air blowing in the house when all the neighbors are out of power.


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            I had a friend that was working at a pit, had a dump truck take down the lines to the scale house with alll the computers and everything to run the crusher. They wired it up to his Ranger 9 on his service truck and away they went- ran it for a few hours like that. Not a miller I know, but same sort of save-the-day story!

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              I envy you guys with the big gensets, I have a 450 watt onan and a 1750 watt generac, both hand me downs, but when the storms came through last memorial day I was glad to have the ones I've got. Judie's chemo medacine was in the fridge{$4000 worth} and the little generac kept it cool for 2 days on $15 worth of gas. One day I will have a bigun.