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Tig SS and Alu welding technique

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  • Tig SS and Alu welding technique

    Just recently bought a tig synchrowave 180SD box, I had a brief demo on how it works, but was looking into more documentation on tig welding techniques especially with SS and ALU, any links on video clips of filler rod dabbing and torch handling would be helpful.

    P.S. already saw the link as mentioned on the hobart forumn site on filler rod handling. Anything else would help.

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    I did just a little stainless just to say I did. I didn't find it to be much different than steel. I don't know of any videos but for aluminum pay attention to keeping the filler in the gas shield. Get a pool molten before you add filler. Complete penetration is harder to achieve on aluminum compared to steel. You can do a butt weld that looks good on the surface but you can then break the two sides in two because the weld was only on the top.


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      Try this miller tig book
      I have been in a tig class and found things that were helpful to me as Im still learning tig.

      Good luck,


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        Good advice from Mike and PJ. CLICK HERE for a listing of Miller Videos including the basics of TIG welding. I really believe the TIG handbook PJ recommended will be about as valuable as the video and it is a free download where the video is $40.

        Where are you located? Maybe you are close to someone on the forum who could help you get started. I know Andy, myself, and others here have had people stop by our shops and get them started.

        The basics are not that bad. You will probably be laying down some decent beads within an hour with some instruction. From there the learning and mastery of the GTAW process begins. It is a long journey, but a fun one as well.


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          Congrats on the new 180 I have one and it is a great machine. Practice practice practice.