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    How thick can this welder really weld say like when I use flux core?

    I was reading the voltage setting and wire speed recommendations in the manual and when using .030 the voltage meter should only be on 6 for 1/4 inch but the meter goes all the way up to 10 for the machine . I bought it because it's faster than stick welding and stick welding lighter metal isn't that good although I can weld lighter metal with stick but I'd rather do it with mig because I needed a better way of welding.Although Im still looking on buying a mm251 though this machine is awesome!

    I'm not new to mig because I learned how to wire feed weld a long time ago and never lost my touch but I was using a different brand of machine but I been welding mostly with stick for a long time.

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    The machine is rated for .250 single-pass with flux-core wire. The voltage "meter" (knob?) is not the big determining factor. Wire speed controls the amperage that you put into the weldment. While there is tracking built into the machine (change the voltage, the wire speed will change) that does not determine maximum thickness that you can weld.

    Depending on your skill, you can weld virtually unlimited thicknesses with multi-pass technique.

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