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  • Is this Normal? /Millermatic

    I turned on my millermatic 175 just a while ago and I noticed that right when I turned it on the green colored temperature light made a very quick flash probaly less than a second but did not stay on though.I was just wondering if this was normal? I know it probaly don't amount to nothing but so anyways I turned off the machine and turned it on again and it didn't happen.I just wonder why it made a real quick flash when I turned it on the other time.It probaly flashed about a millisecond but I wonder why it did that.I guess it probaly wont hurt the machine but Im just so overprotective of my new welder because I just shelled out 700 bucks you know but I never let my welder get overheated by welding too much and not paying attention to the duty cycle anyway!

    Thanks In Advance!

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    I sure hope so

    I sure hope so, since I just got my MM135 to go along with my Syncrowave 180SD tonight...plugged it in, turned it on and the over temp light did the same thing...blinked once.
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      If it didn't blink, then how would you know the lamp was working!!!!

      "bulb check"


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        When you turn on a cold machine, the thermal light will flash quickly as caps on the board charge and turn on a protection relay on the board. That is the reason for the quick flash.


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          i agree. just the initial power surge. the cap was charged the second time.