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Decided to order the DVI

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  • Decided to order the DVI

    Hi folks.
    I deliberated on the advice I got from you, for the functionality I was looking for, and decided to order the new Millermatic DVI... got a great Christmas buy on it for 950 clams.
    It will suit my needs for these reasons:
    - Will occasionally need the dual voltage up at a family cabin which has only 115 V receptacles.
    - Will only occasionally weld up thicker than 1/4" material, and I like the capability of 3/8" now-and-again.
    - duty cycle is more robust than my usage will push. (since I'm old-and-slow, this machine will outperform my capabilities!!!)
    - Will likely not ever go to aluminum, but this machine does have capability of ordering a spool gun and a free-conversion-part-switch which allows direct usage of the spool gun.
    - like the drive-roll system over what the smaller (millermatic 175) units provide.
    - those who have actually used this unit were "pretty impressed" with the overall results. (they felt it was "good value")
    (A special thanks to HAWK for his excellent writeup on the machine, which definitely helped me make this decision.)
    Merry Christmas to all of you, and I hope you and yours are richly blessed in 2005. Jerry

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    Congratulations and keep us up on the progress as you go through the stages of learning and experimentation. There are fewer of these out than mm210's so what you learn can help others to come later. Besides its cool to see what others do with their machinery.