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Syncrowave 350 LX testing procedures

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  • Syncrowave 350 LX testing procedures

    I recently purchased a brand new Syncrowave 350 LX at a bankruptcy auction and although it has zero hours I have no idea how to test this thing to make sure it works. All the warning labels on the unit depict a little guy with lightning bolts running thru his chest and I don't want to end up like him. I understand how to set the jumpers for proper incoming single-phase voltage but when it comes to actually welding with it i'm clueless. In fact, I don't even want to weld I just want to make sure it works before I sell it. I thought i'd run this by more educated people before potentially electrocuting myself or burning down the house.

    Apparently this thing will run a several different voltages. I'll be feeding it directly from the panel in my house 240VAC 1-PH but there's no way my panel is going to run it at full load. I'm hoping idle mode, no load will at least tell me if the electronics are powering up correctly. Too many buttons for my liking.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you are hooked up to single phase you will probably need a 100 amp breaker and if the breaker is correct you should be able to weld with the machine.
    when you turn on the machine, I believe the machine is digital it will give indications as to what may be wrong with it...if any thing.
    By the way what did you pay at auction if you dont mind me asking,,that is a 5500 dollar machine
    good luck with it


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      In that case.

      Thanks for the information. I don't actually intend to weld with it just make sure it powers up properly.

      I didn't get it cheap but I will let it go for alot less than that.


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        if you give a location, "maybe" someone here will be close enough to check it for you. and that person may even buy it from you.

        otherwise, read the directions. hook it up, and try to make it make an arc. you don't have to be a pro just to test that it makes an arc. don't even need a bottle of gas.


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          syn 350 question

          I just purchased a used syn 350 last week. What are you looking to get out of your machine? Does it have the integrated cooler, etc??

          Thanks Rob


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            It's a 2004 Syncrowave 350 LX w/integrated cooler and TIGRunner torch assembly. Basically it has everything except the TIG sequencing option.
            I'm located in Winston-Salem, NC and the first person that puts $4500 in my grubby mitts can take it home with them. I'd prefer local pick-up but shipping can be arranged.


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              I think that you are asking way too much for it. I paid 4,800.00 for my Dynasty 300DX TIGrunner. The MSRP on the Dynasty is higher than the Syncrowave, I could probably get that from my dealer for around 4,600.00 brand new. Are you aware that the Syncrowave was just redesigned a few months ago? Are you sure that it is BRAND new and the new model? I would say that tou are about 1000.00 too high give or take, because even if it was never used it still is technically a used machine.

              Here is a link to a new model machine with free shipping. I know my dealer would beat this price by at least 150.00.


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                You gotta start somewhere. Your about right on what I thought it would bring on Ebay. I probably wouldn't turn down $3500.