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Anyone have a source for contactor parts?

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  • Anyone have a source for contactor parts?

    Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. The contactor points in my old white face Millermatic 200 finally went out the other day. I really dont understand why, it has only had about 200 or so 35lb spools of wire run through it. LOL

    Anyway, all that is damaged is the points. They are obviously a replaceable item, they are just a metal strip top and bottom that are held in with screws. Called Miller, only way to repair it is to buy the whole contactor. I have one on order because I have to get back to work, but, if I can find parts for the old one I would like to keep it as a spare.


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    electric wholesale store, if you replaced it its unlikely you will ever need another. In some units you can flip them around.


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      Another alternative would be to replace it with a solid state unit that you buy or make.


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        I would say at 200 rolls of wire thru it the machine will dump completely before the new contactor is worn out.