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Run-In Control on a MM 251

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  • Run-In Control on a MM 251

    Hello All,
    I am new to the list and I just bought a MM 251. The instructions mentioned how to change the Run-In, but they did not say what it was or why I would want to change it. I haven't changed the factory setting, and my son and I are making some nice looking welds. So, what is Run-In and why would I want to change it? Thanks in advance.
    SW Michigan

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    I'm awaiting purchase of my mm251 as I get all my ducks in a row.
    I have recently been reading about this as well, my understanding of this proceadure is very general, however about all I know is that it is supposed to aid in resolving hard-arc starts.

    So if your already laying some nice beads with your machine, your arc starts must be ok then?!

    Does your arc wander around, or does your bead start out a bit cold?

    Interested in seeing some replies from the more experienced guys with this machine.


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      Looks like miller describes it best.
      Temporary modification of your wfs (wire feed speed).
      So if you'd like a bit more, or a bit less current during arc start, then you can change this based on your preference for the application at hand.
      By default no change will be needed for most welding. Seems like a nice feature, if your having trouble getting enough penetration at the start of a bead, without having to put current to hot for the whole run.


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        The main reason I like adjustable run in is I can purge some gas if I want to up in the cup without running extra stickout.