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    An excellent group of people...

    y'all have proven to be!
    Thanks a million for your candor regarding the things to consider. I am ready to go... I want to TIG motorcycle frames, bicycle frames, thin walled and thick walled metals (gas tanks, tubing, etc) I want to create!!!! Artisitic wrought iron stuff, whatever I can...probably sounds naive, right? May be so, but I want to make it happen, and I will...
    Again, thnks to all for your advice and, let's weld!!!



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      If the cost isnt scary the Dynasty 200 is the way to go. It does a lot of things well, good small stick machine, very portable too.


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        DoctorD, here is an great site about bicycle frame building and case you're interested:

        Anvil Bike Works

        I have a GT Zaskar LE frame (6061 aluminum) hand built in the US before GT went down and had to sell out. It's beautiful. I want to build a frame myself someday, but you really need to have a grasp on pipe/tube welding before you attempt this because of the huge stresses that bicycle frames undergo. If the frame fails while you're heading down the mountain, serious injuries are bound to occur.

        Anyhow, it's an interesting site and they make a series of very cool frame building jigs and tools.


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          Do a search for KB fabrications. I think he does a lot of frame work with a Dynaty 200DX. Check it out. Perhaps if you post a new thread to KB's attention with your email, he will get back to you.