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    I am now in the market for a new Mig welder. I would like to be able to weld up to 1/2" comfortably and have the ability to add a spool gun.

    I seem to be getting more and more basic fabrication jobs coming in and the Tig is not really suited to that as it is a lot slower and these are jobs that don't have to be pretty.

    So, which model Miller would you all recommend?

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    If 1/2" is the regular diet for the machine then the mm251 will be great. I have the mm210 and it does 1/2" on the infrequent job just fine{I've done sch80 pipe to 1" plates in multi-pass with a bevel= just fine but takes a lot longer} if you think that 1/2" is norm then the 251 or 350p will be better choices.
    BTW I saw the mm350p in action last weekend and it is Awwwwsommme. Near tig quality welds on Aluminum with mig speed you wouldn't believe it, I am still amazed.

    The spoolgun for the mm251 is built much better than the one for the mm210. The mm350p can use a pushpull gun and feed from a large spool instead of a 2# roll.

    Just my .02


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      This is a Miller website and I have a Dynasty 200DX.

      Whew, now that that is out of the way. The MM251 and the 350p are great machines but If you are worried about price at all you might want to look at the Lincoln PowerMig 255 (w/ the optional timer kit). This is what we have and it is awesome. We regularly weld 1/2" steel and never have to blink. It will also handle a spoolgun but alas, does not have gun on demand. Not to worry though, change over is a breeze.

      Sorry fellas, Miller is great but I have had nothing but fantastic results with our PowerMig 255.
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        I Used one of the PowerMig 255 for almost 2 years as a production job and it was a awsome welder.

        I think someone is color blind and painted it red!!!!!!!

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          Originally posted by KB Fabrications
          Sorry fellas, Miller is great but I have had nothing but fantastic results with our PowerMig 255.
          That's fine...but now say what a brilliant machine the Dyansty is.

          Come on, say it!

          SAY IT!


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            The Powermig 255 isn't a bad machine, i've just had bad luck with Red, i'm going to say the 251 is a great machine, they've fixed a few problems i've encountered, like the hard arc starts, with the new run-in control it's almost gone. So it's really up to the person who's buying the machine, we could go on forever about which machine is better. But if you really want to see a machine that's great, take a look at the 350P, i went down to Swedesboro NJ last week for a training with Miller and i used the 350P and my jaw dropped, it's great, it's so stupidly simple to use. I've seen the Lincoln Powermig 350P (had to copy miller) and there's just way to many buttons and programs. But that's just my 2 cents. Anyway, i welded Alum, S/S, and Steel, from 1/2" to 1/16 and it was just amazing. I called my fathers shop and told him he had to buy one from me, LOL, gotta love having your old man own a welding shop, and you selling him his product.


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              I have had a MM 251 and on the odd occasion I needed to do 1/2" steel it worked like a champ. I used .035 wire and the bead looked great. I would have to go with the 251 as opposed to the 210 if 1/2" is your concern.

              Thanks Rob


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                I think your into the ford vs. chevy vs. dodge arguement. I drive blue oval and burn from blue boxes, twist snap-on wrenches as the pocketbook will afford,and am slowly switching to de walt power tools. There are debates for and against each but if you find what you like and can get it done your way, then go for it. I own a mm210 w/spoolgun and Dynasty 200 dx, I wouldn't trade even for any other brand. Yes I have owned a red box and sold it to the race team I work with, good machine but the bang for the buck award goes to ----MILLER!



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                  The MM 251 provides plenty of power for welding 1/2" steel. Multiple passes is the approach i would take to weld 1/2" steel though. If you plan on using the unit for large volumes of 1/2" steel, the MM 350 would be a better choice due to the higher duty cycle that it provides.

                  As far as poor arc starts go, on the MM 251, I havent had a problem with it with the run in left at 100%, and I ve ran an .023, .030, and .035 solid wire on the unit. Poor arc starts can be a result of not having spring tensions set properly on the wire feed system or improper machine settings. Excessively long stickout, or not cutting the ball of the end of the wire can cause arc starting issues too.


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                    I have welded alot of 1/2" plate with my MM210. (I have posted plenty of pics here). I build custom molds for concrete block plants and these things take an ungodly amount of abuse and I haven't had any failures. Maybe it's becuse i'm such a great welder... NOT! The MM210 will easly handle 1/2". I use .030 wire and take my time. Now with all that said I do have a post here that I'm selling my MM210 and I just bought a MM251. I really bought the thing because I wanted another welder and I weld about 75% 1/2" plate so why not go for the MM251. I also do some hard facing so I can setup the 210 to fill the pieces and then hard face it with the 251.Also it's tax time and I would rather invest my money in new equipment then pay it in taxes.

                    P.S. The little Bulldog thinks that the MM210 would be a great Christmas gift!
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