Hi All,
This is an unusual thread but I thought I would give it a try. I will keep it short as possible. Currently I am successful Electrical Engineer making an excellent salary with a great company, but believe it or not I have been thinking about giving it all up... I am getting tired of being behind a desk and need to be back working with my hands. I recently started a small business doing custom wood/metal fabrication and on the side I road race a Mustang. Racing is where my heart is, unfortunatley I got a late start. I am basically looking for a race shop that needs help and where I could learn. I spent 15 yrs in the constrcution business and been working on my race car for the past 5 years. I wont't bore you with anymore details but if you know of any opportunites in the AZ area (preferably) I would appreciate if you could pass them along. There much more to be told but for now that's where I am at.

Thank you!