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Thanks everyone for all the info!!

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  • Thanks everyone for all the info!!

    Just wanted to say that this is a great forum. There is so much valuable information it's down right incredible! It's actually quite refreshing to be on a forum with out all the bickering and drama. I can only hope to contribute nearly as much as I have absorbed.

    I just ordered a Millermatic 251 with a Spoolmate 30A gun. It should be here on Thursday. I already picked up a fresh bottle or argon and a bottle of c25. It will make a great addition to my shop.

    It's going to be great to not have to rely on someone else for all my welding needs. Just need to get that tig welder, lathe, milling machine, bandsaw, cold metal saw, tubing bender, tubing notcher, brake, shear, .................................................. know where this is going.

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    I'm in exactly your same boat, I'm about to pickup the same exact welder combo $2617 after tax local!!!
    (would like to pick up basically all the same tools) I'll be lucky to stay married!!!! Better build some furniture quick!!!


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      Keep you eye our for auctions and ads in the paper. I have picked up some used equipment this way and at great prices. It just takes some patience, but you will get there!
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        Used equipment is the best ! You don't worry about scratching it or denting or even pushing it a little harder that you should. There is something about used equipment that make the venture so much more easier..... Oh yeah it's the PRICE.

        Here is my first project. I need to make a set of new spring perches for the front end of my truck (The F-250) Then I'll start on what's behind her. So Much to weld so little time
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          gee DIESELADAM you seemed so cool from reading your post now that we get a picture of you we find out youre a square LOL >>[]

          just had to do it great pic. looks like you got the starts to some great looking trucks on them trailers. and the fun begins
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
          summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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            That was pretty witty! Made me laugh. That is actually a friend on mine in the picture. I didn't want to post him without his permission. Never know what goes on, on that thar internet.


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              I thought there was some ~witness protection~ thing going on...

              This is a great forum.


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                Well, Got the welder fired up today!!! Here is the first bead. It's on .25 str, I just used the settings on the chart under the hood.

                Looks like I need some practice..... What do you guys think?
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                  P.S. sorry about the poor photo quality, I am trying to take the picture with one of those cheap web-cams.


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                    I got a digital camera today so here is a better picture of the very first bead done on my MM251. Running .035 wire with c25 in short circuit mode on 1/4" steel.
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                      I am out of control here !!

                      Here is a picture of my first project (wish I had the camera when I started it)

                      It's a metal frame for a gate at my house. "cause everyone hates a sagging gate"

                      Here is the mm251 and my 1970's snap on box I'm restoring.

                      Let's not forget Jagermeister the shop dog !
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                        Hook up some 98/2 and crank that baby up into spray and THEN try to wipe off the smile!

                        ...from the Gadget Garage
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                        Handler 210 w/DP3035
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                          My face hurt from smiling so much now ! I might need hospitalization after I try spray. I' am truly impressed with this machine I'm glad I spent the extra to go blue !


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                            I'm jealouse, I've got to get my electrical service upgraded before I can spray with mine.

                            I just got my Argon bottle, and when to install the dual cylinder attachment and found I was missing the upper bracket with the two half moon indentations for the bottles to rest against. Hopefully it's sitting up at Linde in a box somewhere.

                            Btw, is that a Boxer or a Pitbull? Nice dog!


                            When I get this baybe fired up, my wife is going to start to feel neglected, heh. Garage will become my new dog house, lol.


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                              Jegermeister is an American Staffordshire Terrier. Closely related to the pitbull but not exactly the same. He's great, does anything I say and has a heart like a ten pound hammer. Yet, he knows nothing but love to people AND animals
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