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  • syn 350 question

    Hello all, I am contemplating purchasing a used syn 350 complete with coolmate 4, 250 amp torch, foot pedal, work clamp and stinger. This machine has less than 200 hours and also has the pulse controls. I do not have the serial number so I am not sure of the age. It has analog gauges so I assume early 90's. I am currently using a syn 180 which works great. However, I will be doing some 1/2" -1.0" aluminum after the new year and need more power. I would love to get a dyn 300dx but too much for my current budget. The guy wants $3500.00 and that seems a bit high. I offered him $2500.00 and he came back at $3000.00. I was hoping to get some opinions as I have never purchased used welding equip. before.

    Thank you

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    Welcome and good question. The 3K may seem like a high price to pay and 2.5K would certainly be better on the wallet. However, there are a few things to consider: Is the unit in good condition? : It does have the pulser option which is a plus a worth a few bucks-not enough to make or break the deal. : A new Syncro 350 with cooler, torch, regulator, foot pedal, etc ready to rock will run you close to 5K +++ taxes and shipping.

    You don't see many Sync 350's for sale in any condition. If this one is in good condition complete with all accessories and you have taken it for a test with a passing grade, then 3K is probably a decent deal.

    A couple of ? for you: If you pass on this unit when can you get a new unit? Do you have the input power to drive the unit to full capacity? Have you test welded with the machine?

    Maybe the seller would split the difference at 2.7K?

    If you are planning to do 1" aluminum, then the Sync 350 or the Dyn 300DX are really your only options with Miller. If the Dyn 300DX is out of your budget, then a new Sync 350 is probably out of the question. I think if everything checks out and you are happy with the deal, then $3000 for the machine with pulse unit, Coolmate 4, torch, foot pedal and all the extras set up and ready to weld is not a bad deal-all things considered.


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      sync 350 question answered

      Thank you Hawk. I will make it a point to test drive this machine first and see if he will split the difference. I have never used anything but a syn for alum tig. I have read and heard quite a bit on the adjustability of the dynasty series, especially regarding aluminum. If this purchase works out I will hopefully have enough $$ by this time next year to purchase one.
      Thanks again
      I appreciate your quick response and valuable experience


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        The Dynasty 300DX will equal and surpass the Sync 350 in its ability to weld aluminum. However, the Dynasty 300DX will fall short on the duty cycle. Other than that it will do all you can ask even on the 1" aluminum. Add a 75% He/25% AR shielding and you will be amazed what the D300DX will do.

        DC is a different story as the Sync has the extra amperage and duty cycle to back it up. However, the Dynasty 300DX has proven to be successful for most DC applications.

        Down the road the Dynasty 700 will be untouchable as it will incorporate many features of some high end engineering application specialty machines known mostly by those in the industry. The D700 is still more or less a concept and will remain that way for a while.


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          Got the syn 350 this evening

          I picked up the syn 350, cooler, cart, torch, and monster foot pedal. The machine looks like brand new and it works great. Power to burn compared to my syn 180. Hardly any use. I have one question on the high frequency intensity switch. The manual skims over it briefly. What should it be set on for various metal thicknesses? Thanks for your help you seem to be the only one who will reply and I appreciate that.

          Thanks Rob


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            Leave it set at 50%. I am not sure how the markings are on that year model. If the dial is marked 1-10, then set it at 5. About 1/2 of wide open works well. You will have enough HF to start and maintain a steady arc without interfering with every TV set, computer, cell phone, etc in your house and surrounding houses.

            The Syncrowave series utilizes full time high frequency (HF) to maintain the AC arc and for starting the DC arc. In contrast the Dynasty series 200 and 300 only use the HF for starting the arc on AC and DC. That is a nice feature of the Dynastys.

            If you are having HF interference problems, you may be able to turn down the dial to 40%, but may lose a good steady arc ( especially with a long set of welding leads/torch ). If you are having HF interference be sure to set up the proper equipment grounding as recommended in the manual. You can go here and put in your machine model ( Syncrowave 350 or Syncrowave 350LX in the drop down menu ) and enter the machine serial number to get the correct manual. The one I posted is the latest version for the Syncrowave 350. You did not mention if the machine you purchased is an LX model.

            I hope this helps. As for people not replying it is the holiday season and many folks are traveling. I caught up with Andy Sunday and he was still road tripping from the Indy PRI show from the 9, 10, 11 of December. He was working hard today playing catch up. Sometimes the forum is just slow. I am not apologizing or making excuses-just mentioning some possible reasons.

            Anyway feel free to ask about your new Sync or most anything else even remotely related to welding. You are welcome-glad to help. Happy Holidays!

            By the way what did you end up paying for the machine if you don't mind sharing?


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              I would have loved to help also but i have never even seen a Syncrowave 350
              only a 180 and 250. Good luck with the new welder.

              Dry Creek Welding
              Dynasty 300DX Tigrunner
              Trailblazer 302
              Spectrum 2050
              suitcase 12RC


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                How did the tungsten finally work out for your applications?


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                  $$$ for syn 350

                  Once I saw the condition and tried the machine at my friends shop. I paid $3000.00. This is still $2350.00 less than a new one once you add tax. It looks new and was only used for one car frame so the hours are insignificant. I unloaded it this evening and did not have the time to hook it all up and try it. I have a 125 amp single phase breaker dedicated for this welder so power should not be a problem. I have a Miller stars and stripes self darkening mask. What shield # should I use for the 1/2"-1.0" al.?
                  Thanks again for all your input.

                  P.S. the amperage and voltage gauges are digital not analog as I previously mentioned.


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                    At my brother in-laws Sheetmetal shop they have one of those machines. They had a 351, then a Aerowave. Then they went back to a 350 DX, after the Aerowave had a big meltdown, when pushing it. They cannot afford to be without a machine, so the 350 DX was a perfect fit. The 351 was a good machine too.


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                      I like a number 14 shade for the thick stuff. This may be too dark for you and cause eye strain. You may like a bit lighter shade like a 12.5 or 13. Just make sure you can see the puddle and enough surrounding area to work without straining your eyes.