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    Special thanks to Andy, I watched his demo's of the Dyansty 200DX and MM350p for a couple hours and learned features and functions of the machine that would be hard to learn without the how and why from an expert. I learned more about the Dyansty's pulse feature in twenty minutes than I had learned in a month. No matter how much I've read in books it still makes more sense when Its demonstrated with a how and why to use the feature.

    I would also like to thank jeffscarsandtrucks for pointing out the show in the first place.

    I enjoyed meeting the Andy and the fellows from miller as well as meeting Jeff from the forum. Thanks to all, it was a great day.


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    where was this show ? will there be one in the chicago area ?
    if i could get the time off, i would drive to appleton to get some pointers.
    i bought my 200 to do aluminum, and i'm struggling with it, and not winning.


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      I'm going to try and go to the FLA show next year.
      Sounds like it will be worth every penny just to see Andy's demo!!!!
      I hope Andy makes it next time too!!!


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        Thanks PJ!

        It was great to meet some of our members. Actually saw about 8 people who have surfed our site. The PRI show was a great success as always. We have a great bunch of guys that work the booth with me.

        I'll be doing ALL the PRI shows 'till the end of time



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          I would also like to thank Andy for putting on a good show and talking to the "little guy" at a huge show. I am just getting ready to purchace my first TIG welder (Dynasty 200DX), but having never run a TIG welder my questions were pretty limited. I wish I could of picked his brain for more tips. Maybe next year.

          Thanks Again.


          P.S.- I am buying the Dynasty to install a chromoly roll cage and all of the asssociated turbo piping on my "Outlaw 8.5", 1998 Camaro.


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            N20 silverado welcome aboard, and remember we all know where you are right now so when a question comes just ask or look at the search you might find the answer. Also if you get a digital camera we can see your work, kinda like school.

            I haven't yet tapped into the possibilities of my 200dx but I can say it is nice learning with such great equipment.

            Weld well,


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              Teeps ?

              Hello Teeps, RB455HO here. I live in florida. Where and when is the show you mentioned?

              Thank you


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                Cool ! I am in Florida too. Let's stay updated about the show !


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                  I'm honestly not completely sure where the show is going to be.
                  I heard the show location is moving to FLA next year.

                  Glad to hear that Andy is going to be there next year, lol, and until the"end of time", heh, yeah, I'm sure you can do these demo's in your sleep by now.

                  Nonetheless it will be fun to meet some of the guys, and probably be nice to get away from the Michigan weather next year. See some nice welding machinery, and other Engineering feats accomplished.

                  BTW, where do you Florida guys go for vacation?!?! Joking.. heh.

                  I don't know all the details (which I'm sure can be found on a website). Basically to get in, you have to be a business owner or work in the field, engineering, automotive, welding or whatever. You probably have to fill out a form to file for admittance approval.

                  I haven't even looked up the details, but a former Roush Engineer envited me to go one time, and I couldn't make it. So sometimes you can get in with others who have authorized admittence.

                  Do a search for Performance Racing Industry show, I'm sure the web site will have details for next years show. I'm also an automotive enthusiast/freak so I will be right at home there. I'll probably have to send my wife to a spa that week, so I don't driver her nuts at this show, lol.

                  I'll see what I can dig up.


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                    Show will be in Orlando, not sure of what facility.
                    It is in Florida till 2010 ( I think )


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                      Here is a link to PRI. It is moving to Orlando while they are rennovating the Indiana Covention Center in Indy. I am sure it will be at the large convention center down the street from Race Rock resturant. It has to be in a huge facility. This year there were 1300 vendors with booths. Actually not just booths, but complete CNC machines, RUNNING, toter homes, etc. This was my first year and was completly blown away.


                      Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am going to need it. I am taking a Gas welding class and a TIG welding class at our local Ivy Tech this spring semester. Hopefully having 2- five hour classes a week will help get me headed in the right direction.




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                        It was great to meet Paul,Andy and a couple of others as it's nice to put a face with a conversation oncr in a while! The show was pretty amazing as always...makes racing look pretty fancy . To anyone getting started in this welding addiction taking a class will cut your learning curve (and expense) by a long way. Don't forget the miller road show guys can answer some questions at different points in the country during the year but it won't be 3 days of quality Q&A like you can get from Andy and his guys at PRI. Good Luck and Happy Holidays to All! JEFF
                        200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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                          Does Miller post a road show schedule?


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                            I was also at the PRI show and loved every minute of it. Got to play around with the Dynasty a little, got some pointers from 2 people (didn't get names), and got to try out the big window elite helmet that I have been wanting. I even had a chance to try out a Lincoln machine to let me know again why I bought a Miller
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