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tig torch size ?

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  • tig torch size ?

    i'm thinkin i want what i need to weld thin, say down to .030ish steel and aluminum. should i get a smaller torch, or just smaller parts for my weldcraft 17 torch ? the only thing is, i THINK i MAY need to get into somewhat tight spots from time to time, probably rare. and probably not real tight spots.

    what works for you ? pic of your torch in a tight spot for a weld ?
    1 project = i want to modify the neck on my BeCool radiator, and it could get tight in one spot. will get a pic later, took the day off

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    ok, here you can see the hose and radiator. the aluminum cover is facing to the left. i want to make it run next to the core, so that would mean capping the existing connection, cutting a hole on the side of it, and welding the new connection on it. the problem i may have, welding on the side closest to the core, tight space.

    in the weldcraft pic. the small torch, is that a #9 ? and the right torch is a #17 ?
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      I saw the smallest tig torch i have ever seen at my supplier today.
      It uses a 3 in tungsten and was real slim.Looked like it could get into any crevice.If you're interested i could get the #'s off of it.
      It was a Weldcraft.


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        yeah, i saw that one, its pretty small. too small, its only 50 amp. thanx for your reply. i think i'm going to take all the advice i recieved in this thread and get a #9 torch.


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          Good choice. The #9 will serve you well in your application. It is rated at 125 amps but will do more if you are careful. We do 75% of our work with this torch. I have pushed it to 185 amps when the duty cycle allows. The torch is small enough to do what you are asking of it but big enough to handle some larger jobs.

          Torches are rated for 100% duty cycle so you can always push them farther than their advertised amp rating. Just be sure to offset that with some common sense. Good luck.
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            I also have a #9 Weldcraft with a flex head. The flex head has been
            handy a few times to get into tight places. With a flat backcap
            short tungsten and shortened and/or ground cup you can get it
            into some tight spots, Of course it may be a pain to see what's
            melting and adding filler might be fun......


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              Im not sure what you are really trying to do but you could always take the radiator out of the truck after you tack weld whatever you want welded if space is a problem.


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                Have a look at the CK flex-loc torches. I just took delivery of the #9 size FL1325 (gas cooled) to outfit my new Dynasty. Our local welding shop says his customers are raving about these torches for out of position (especially pipe, tubing) welding. I figured everything is out of position for me since I'm a TIG newby.

                I'll post a report once I get everything hooked up.