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    I just purchased a MM175 and now I'm looking into a TIG welder, does anyone have input on the Miller Econotig AC/DC? I do automotive/motorcycle work and I would be welding 18 gauge to 3/16 AL and steel. Maybe 1/4" once in a while, but that would probably be more for fun than actual work. Any input would be great. I know that the Dynasty 200dx is probably better, but I don't think that I will be using it enough to justify the extra money. I'm trying to do this on a shoe string, I have a wedding coming up in June.
    Or does anyone know of any used TIG units for sale? Thanks for you help-

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    a "search" will tell you all you want to know.


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      3/16 AL and steel. Maybe 1/4" once in a while,

      i think you are realy pushing the limits of the econo tig.
      you might look into the syncro 180 or the TA185
      the syncro is tryed and true and a great lil tig welder.
      the TA185 has gotten some good feedback on the hobart site mostly but is another option
      you can pick up a syncro 180 on the net for under $1500.00 ready to weld
      the TA runs about $1800.00 if space is an ishue
      i have herd that the econo can do 3/16th but it would be pushing it prity hard.
      good luck
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Originally posted by fun4now
        you can pick up a syncro 180 on the net for under $1500.00 ready to weld
        And that's not much more than the new Econo. The simple addition of the balance control is worth it, since you mentioned alum. And it's a squarewave machine - not inverter square - but leaps and bounds better than the Econo's sinewave output.

        Here's one at Cyberweld for $1676.00, brand new, torch, pedal, regulator, hoses, everything.


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          Check out the PrecisionTig 185

          (I know this is the "MILLER" board but i think it deserves a casual mention. )