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  • aluminum floorplate

    welding some quarter inch alum floor plate and having problems. made a corner weld and did ok. making a filet weld and having problems, can't seem to get enough heat, weld looks like ****, tungsten blowing out. using a sync250, changed settings till blue in the face. why did the corner weld do so well and can't make a decent filet. cleaned the alum with acetone, even cleaned the rods. help,,,

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    Please if you must curse use s#!t instead, I understand how frustraded you must be though. Can you post some pics? Quarter inch plate can use some heat to weld especially in a fillet situation. You may want to try holding the torch in one area and "fanning" (little circles) the material to allow some preheat. If youre confident the joint is clean set your balance toward max penetration, this will allow mowe heat to go into the joint. Was the corner weld an outside corner, and was it a cabinet corner(small open fillet)?
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