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    The Army has the TB300D in the newest welding trailer. My guys loved the thing. Ours was borrowed from another unit cause we haven't received ours yet. We had it for a couple of months and they didn't have any complaints. It came with HF 251, a wire feeder (can't remember which one I think it was RVS-8 suitcase), SMAW leads on reels and a CAC lead. Of course all the little tools need for metal work (torch, grinder, drills, etc.) All together It was about $35,000 rig. Only draw back was the trailer it's on, It's a standard Army 8ft bed chassis with an extra little bit for a work bench. Back to the point the welder was great no problems except they so rapped up welding and stuff it ran out of fuel a couple of times, but no problems getting started again. I think they have a switch to shut it down when it run low on fuel. I know for a fact the kubota is a great little motor.
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      I stand corrected 300D Kobota 302G Onan/Robin- Kohler I wish I could get a diesel bit not on the present budget. Still wishing though...


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        DDA's is right. Tb301d and the instructor loves it.


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          Hello All,

          It is possible to convert our 20.5 engine to the LP, the engine will run fine however, you have to keep in mind that you're voiding the warranty in the situation where the failure is caused by the conversion.
          Converting our engine to LP could cause severe damage to the cylinder head and its components, since the LP runs a bit hotter than regular gasoline.


          Jack Gawecki
          Robin America, Inc.
          Technical Support Dept.