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    Ok I have been saving and saving and saving to get a dynasty 300DX now that i am just about ready to purchase I have people, experienced, tell me I should save some coin and buy a lesser expensive machine cause i can get the same results any thoughts any suggestion. One person highly recomended a syncrowave 250. recomendations please... things i have considered: Space matters but i do not have to be able to take it with me so portability not high on the list. good quality weld and ease of use is a plus I have welded with several different manufactures inverter machine but non of the older equipment.

    Lincoln SP170T
    ESAB 875 Plasma
    Smith oxy set
    Dynasty 200DX
    pulsed mig is next...

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    I have the 300 DX, it is comparable to the Syncrowave on DC. On Ac it is in a league by itself. You will also save money on your electrical bill over the Syncro. Both machines are capable of making quality welds but I love the Dynastys adjustabilty and pulse.


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      get the job done

      the syncro will do the job. the dynasty will just make it easyer and less expensive to do.
      if you have the input power available for the syncro 250DX it will give you a quality weld for shoure.
      as joebass said the dynasty's advantage realy shines in aluminum as well as specalty welds where verry precise controle of the arc is needed. the other big advantage is in the power usage.

      you are the only 1 that can decide what you need/want. the syncro 250 DX is a great TIG welder that is verry capable of fine quality welds. the dynasty was made to alow for extreem flexibilty and compatability. if you dont need or want all the extra's it has to offer then get the syncro.

      i have little choice as i need the power option of the dynasty as there is no way i could feed the input power requirments of the syncro's
      good luck
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        since you have been saving for this machine, and are used to what it costs. i would say just buy it and don't look back. if you use it often, it will save you $$ in electric cost, though you may never now it.