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old marquette welder

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  • old marquette welder

    today i saw one. the connections looked odd, its a stick machine.
    1 switch to turn it on. then a bunch of connectors. on the left " low, med, high" a hole for each. along the top, maybe 20 holes. numbered something like, 25, 35, 45, all the way up to around 200. i would assume that the ground goes into the low/med/high side. and the stinger connection would go to the power output you wanted. does this sound correct ?

    anybody have any info on this machine ?

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    Blown s10:
    The marquette name is a rebadge and they have had machines made by several companies one of which is schumacher{ the battery charger company- also father to the top fuel driver they call sarge- Tony Schumacher} I don't know which models were made by them but I sold a couple of them when I sold auto parts, really expensive as I remember.


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      You got ir right. It's an OLD buzz-box, and probably works as good as the day it came off the line. Only moving part is the on-off switch.

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        Schumacher Flux core mig

        One of the other students brought his Schumacher 110 mig. only controls were the high low current switch and the on off switch. Instructor told me he was sureprised it did well since there was no speed control for the wire, the other bad thing is no contactor so wire was always hot. Seemed to do a good job on .125 plate.

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