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  • trash in water cooler

    Hi everyone
    I finally got a Syncrowave 250dx last spring after a long time of wanting one. I recently checked the water level in the cooler and noticed a bunch of trash floating on top of the coolant in the reservior. Can someone tell me if the coolant is exposed to the air anywhere on the cooler? I have seen older miller coolers that do this. The model I have is the coolmate 3, with the running gear.
    -also, if it does need to be changed ($19/gal locally, takes 3), is there a drain plug anywhere? Havent noticed one yet.


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    I have a syncro 250 at work and have not seen anything in the water but it is fairly new. I don't see how trash could get in there unless a gremlin put some in the fill cap. I use de-ionized water.


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      I was told by a welder that worked for me It needs to be changed periodicly. His former place of employment would change it about every 6 months.
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        i checked into it some more and discovered it is a cool runner 3x. I think the stuff floating on top of the water may be sawdust or something of that nature. My shop is not the dirtiest of places but quite often my dad comes down and leaves a nice layer of sawdust on top of everything. Does anyone know if there is a filter in this model cooler, and if so where it is located? Also still wondering about a drain plug


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          I own a couple of coolers, but not this unit. However, here is some information that will help you.

          Miller recommends changing the coolant every year in all their coolers. Do check with your dealer and get the correct coolant part number. You want the one compatible with high frequency. Miller coolants protect your circulating system from clogging and also contain an algae growth inhibitor.

          Your cool runner 3x requires monthly maintenance of blowing out the heat exchanger and cleaning the coolant strainer as shown in the OWNERS MANUAL Page 4 (SECTION 6) shows the Miller coolant part number and page 5 (SECTION 7) list routine maintenance at the top of the page. The bottom of page five (SECTION 8) shows the location of the coolant filter.

          Try cleaning your coolant filter and see if that helps. You may need to go ahead and change the coolant also if it is really nasty.

          Deionized water can be used as a substitute for the Miller coolant, but you will run a higher risk risk of clogging tiny torch veins. Do not use regular tap water as it will eventually clog the torch and initiate HF bleed off from the torch since it is electrically conductive. Any type of trash in your coolant is bad for your torch. Get it cleaned up as soon as possible.