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200 dx water cooled

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    Ya, we're just being nerds.

    I'm sure they will run for a long time without problems. If you use them in the standard way I don't see how you could burn up the motor, actually. I was just warning him not to valve ( stop ) the coolant flow manually without also stopping the pump because it doesn't look like the Coolmate's have bypass valves, and I'm not sure what kind of pump the Coolmate's utilize.

    HAWK, are they even that loud anyway? I sort of doubt it, so maybe the noise won't be a problem for Dan after all.

    Now I want one...



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      Just a note electric motors(i'm assuming the pumps are driven by them) have more wear and tear by starting and stoping and starting again. Of course there are exceptions with different designs, but those are expensive I would tend not to think the coolers would have them( they tend to be a little larger.) I my opinion I would think it would be better for the Coolmate to run long periods of time than on/off.
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        I agree with you. I think it is better to run these units by the hour rather than by the minute.


        The Coolmates are not very loud by most standards. The sound is in the lower mid range of the 20-200KHZ spectrum and to say it is tolerable is a gross understatement. This is speculation without actually measuring the soruce. The pumps seem to be constant alleviating the cycling noise evident in some cheaper units. The Coolmate 4 uses a Procon pump. It has been very reliable and is set to circulate the coolant at 60 PSI. These pumps are made in Murphreesboro, TN and are used by several coolant circulator manufacturers.

        Can Dan tolerate the noise? I certainly think so. The Coolmates are very pleasing to the ear when compared to the Dynasty's AC arc !



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          I owned a Benard 2500 with the Procon pump, and a Miller rad 1 with the Oberdorfer Pump. My current Binzel (which I believe makes the coolmate 3 for Miller) is the best of the bunch, in how quiet it is. A big defence contractor out here went to the coolmate 3 (Binzel) over all the Benards they had, just for the noise difference.
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            Scott V,

            The Coolmate 3 is quieter than the Coolmate 4 and it is stackable. The Coolmate 4 is a lingering reminder of the mobile days. For shop use I recommend the Coolmate 3 or the Binzel BC3 like you have.


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              Here is one I helped Marty at Chaski's site put together.
              Notice the funny color on the welder.
              It has a ebay procon clone pump,but he does have all the correct Benard fill fittings for it. I been waiting a year to see if it will work. All he has to do is fusion weld the corner seams. You would think a SD 180 would handle that?
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