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  • regulator

    I Borrowed a bottle from the local muffler shop but my regulator does not fit will I need to buy a new one or is there a fitting I can use? Here are the pics. the smaller bottles are mine the orange large is the muffler shops.
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    Western Enterprises makes an adapter for virtualy any match. Your local supplier should have 'em; if not, do you have an AIRGAS dealer? They've got 'em.

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      O2 or c-25

      what is in the bottle? you dont want to use a c-25 regulator on a tank of strait co2.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
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        Thanks for the help. The guy at the muffler shop was nice enough to let me use his extra tank because all the airgas stores were closed for the holidays. I guess I will just refill my bottle on monday.


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          Ahh, unless I miss my borrowed an Oxygen bottle, and are trying to use a regulator set up for Argon mix. Not a good idea, safety wise. The Argon regulator is not cleaned for oxygen service. There could be petroleum based residue on it, or in it, which could catch fire, or even explode. Besides the safety issue, Oxygen is not going to work as a mig cover gas.